Central Coast Seed Planting Guide for Vegetables

Central Coast Seed Planting Guide for Vegetables

Spring March~April~May

Beans Eggplant Mustard Greens Pumpkins Turnip

Beets Herbs Okra Rutabaga Squash

Cantaloupe Sweet Corn Onions Spinach (summer)

Carrots Lettuce Parsley Swiss Chard (winter)

Cucumber (leaf type) Peanuts Peppers Tomatoes

Radish Watermelon

Summer June~July~August

Beans Herbs Mustard Greens Okra Radish

Black-eyed Peas Sweet Corn Onions Spinach Squash

Chard Melons (summer)

Autumn September~October~November

Beets Cauliflower Kohlrabi Parsley Spinach

Broccoli Celery Lettuce Peas Sugar Peas

Cabbage Endive Mustard Radishes Swiss Chard

Carrots Kale Onions Rutabaga Turnips

Winter December~January~February

Beets Kale Peas

Broccoli Kohlrabi Radishes

Cabbage Lettuce Spinach

Carrots Onions Swiss chard

Celery Parsley Turnips

Endive Parsnips

Spring January~February~March

African Daisy Calif. Wild Flowers Dianthus Lobelia Salvia

Ageratum Carnation Fox Glove Marigold Sweet William

Alyssum Calif. Poppy Gaillardia Morning Glory Sweet Peas

Bachelor’s Button Coleus Gypsophila Nicotiana (heat resistant)

Balsam Cosmos (Baby’s Breath) Petunia Sweet Peas

English Daisy Dahlia Strawflower Phlox (Galaxy)

Asters Gloriosa Daisy Hollyhock Shirley Poppy Verbena

Bells of Ireland Shasta Daisy Kochia Oriental Poppy Vica

Portulaca Zinnias

Summer May~June~July

Ageratum Bells of Ireland Marigold Phlox Sunflower

Alyssum Celosia Morning Glory Salvia Verbena

Amaranthus Coleus Nicotiana Scabiosa Vinca

Asters Dahlia Petunia Strawflower Zinnias

Autumn September~October~November

African Daisy Canterbury Bell Foxglove (Scarlet Flax) Snapdragon

Alyssum Carnation Gaillardia Mignonette Stock

Bachelor’s Button Centaurea Godetia Nemophila Winter Sweet Peas

Bells of Ireland Chrysanthemum Gyposophila Pansy Sweet William

Calendula Cineraria Hollyhock Pinks Vinca

Calif. Poppy Clarkia Hunnemannia Iceland Poppy Viola

Calliopsis Columbine Larkspur Salvia Virginia Stock

Candytuft Delphinium Linum Shasta Daisy Wild Flowers

Winter December~January~February

African Daisy Candytuft Forget-me-not (Scarlet Flax) Shasta Daisy

Alyssum Canterbury-Bell Gaillardia Mignonette Snapdragon

Bachelor Button Centaurea Godetia Nemophila Stock

Calendula Chrysanthemum Gypsophila Pansy Sweet Peas

Calif. Poppy Clarkia Hollyhock Pinks Sweet William

Calliopsis Columbine Larkspur Iceland Poppy Virginian Stock

Delphinium Linum Wild Flowers

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